Frequently  Asked Questions

I paid my registration fee.  What happens next?

After we receive your registration fee we will send you a packet of documents via our secure server to fill out.  Once we receive those you may start requesting sitters!

What happens if I need to cancel?

24 hour notice is required to cancel.  If less than 24 hours notice is given then a fee will be charged to your account.

How do I let you know I need someone?  How much notice do you need?

Email us at, call us at (804) 420-2079, or fill out this form from the website and we will get someone set up for you.  We need at least 72 hours advanced notice to ensure placement of a Specialist.  Once we receive the request we will match your family with a Specialist with similar interests and personality as your family or will work to match you with your top rated specialist.

Can I share the services with my friends?

All families that are receiving services have to be enrolled families or have filled out a non-registered client form.  If more than one family is present then the fees will be as described in the Multiple Families section of the Fee and Policy Schedule.  If you are sharing with a non-registered family then your account will be charged for both families.

How do I pay my nanny or sitter?

You don't!  We will charge the account or card you have on file with us once a month for any time used in the previous month.  We then take care of paying the nannies and sitters, including taking care of their taxes.  

Can I tip?

Tipping is always appreciated but not necessary.  If you do choose to tip, please give that directly to the Specialist.

I'm a great nanny and sitter!  How do I work with you?

Simply fill out the application here to begin the process.  Once you have submitted your application we will be in touch to continue the process.  See our minimum qualifications here.