Full-time Nanny

How we find your perfect Full-Time Nanny

We find your ideal candidates.

We will select top candidates for your family based on your needs and schedule interviews in the comfort of your own home.  We have established relationships with numerous Childcare Specialists and are constantly establishing new relationships so we have a pool of candidates from which you can choose your nanny.

We get to know you.

We spend time getting to know you and your family through our registration process and in-home visit to ensure we understand your needs and your family dynamic.  We will determine your weekly schedule, required job responsibilities, and personal qualities you desire in your nanny.

We provide on-going support.

We are here to answer your questions, provide suggestions, and offer a network of support for both your family and your nanny.  Our guaranteed babysitting service can provide a back-up if your nanny is out of town or sick.


We help you create an offer.

We will help you configure a job description, offer, and agreement to ensure success from the beginning.  We will guide you through every step of the process.

We highly recommend working interviews.  Included in each full-time nanny placement package is a credit for a certain number of working interview hours for you to pay the candidates.


We have three different placement packages to suit your needs.  Click below to view them.

A one-time registration fee of $99 is required to begin a search.  To view our full fee and policy schedule, click the button below.  The registration fee is non-refundable.  

Photo credit: Greer A. Meagher