Household Manager


A household manager is available to manage the household during times children are not present.  When children are present their full attention is on them!

Childcare services

  • Provide care, warmth, positive and secure environment in the absence of parents

  • Plan and actively participate in age appropriate developmental activities of children

  • Plan activities that promote physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development

  • Actively participate in resolving the children's problems and serve as a resource for problem solving

  • Actively participate in the children's interests

  • Plan and prepare food for children's nutritious meals and snacks

  • Follow family's schedule

  • Clothe children appropriately

  • Keep children's room and play area tidy and organized

  • Leave notes for family when supplies are running low

  • Maintenance, cleaning, and care of children's belongings

  • Give medication when required and as agreed on with the family

  • Fill out daily activity logs

  • Comply with family's discipline and child-rearing preferences

  • Provide transportation for the children and facilitate playgroups and outings using family's vehicle when agreed upon by family

  • Assist with homework as necessary

  • Provide flexibility in childcare as children's schedules and needs may change periodically

  • Provide reasonable flexibility in times of emergency or unexpected change

Household management duties

  • Unloading/loading dishwasher

  • Hand washing pots and pans

  • Organizing kids' closets, drawers, bedrooms, and playrooms

  • Assist in children's laundry (wash, dry, fold and/or hang)

  • Household errands (grocery store, doctors appointments, post office, pick up prescriptions for children, purchasing and returning gifts)

  • Wrapping gifts

  • Addressing envelopes

  • Packing daily lunches and snacks, fresh snacks and healthy options

  • Bring in boxes left by mail service

  • Water plants as requested

  • Prepare family meals four nights a week

  • Car maintenance of all vehicles 

    • oil changes

    • car wash

    • taking to mechanic

  • General pet care

    • walking the dog

    • letting the dog out

    • feeding the dog

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