Guaranteed Babysitting

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Make a request.

Call, email, or input a request in the online reservation system at least 72 hours before you need a Childcare Specialist.

We compensate your sitter.

Meet your sitter.

Your Childcare Specialist will arrive promptly at your home or where you need care.  They will come with a notebook prepared with timesheet records to record the time they work and activity record sheets to leave with you so you know what your children have done in your time away.

We employ your Childcare Specialist and take care of the taxes, workers compensation, insurance, and monthly compensation.  You sign your specialist's time sheets and we will charge your account bi-monthly for the hours Childcare Specialists have worked for you and your family.  At your request we will provide you with our tax ID number so you can take advantage of childcare tax deductions or flexible spending accounts.


Rate your sitter.

Customize your list of favorite Childcare Specialists by completing a review sent via email.  We will attempt to match you with your highest rated Specialists for your future needs.

12-Tier Screening Process

  • Extensive online application

  • Phone interview

  • Reference checks

  • Former employment verification

  • Personal interviews with the owner

  • Address history trace report including names, date of birth, and addresses associated with the social security number

  • County courthouse search including all counties listed from the address history trace within the last 7 years

  • Criminal record database includes over 450 million records

  • Sex offender search including a search from all 50 states and US territories

  • Security watch list

  • Infant/child CPR and First Aid training certification

  • Capital City Childcare Specialists training

A one-time registration fee of $99 is required to begin a search.  To view our full fee and policy schedule, click the button below.  The registration fee is non-refundable.

Capital City Childcare Is a life saver! My chore of finding a babysitter when you need one is over because now a sitter is a couple of clicks away!

Our sitter arrived on time and immediately started interacting with the kids. She took everything with stride and the kids were instantly won over.

When I got home the house was so clean! It was like the 3 kids were not even there and even better than that all three were sound asleep!

I signed the time log and she was on her way. I didn't even have to have cash to figure out what to pay because CCC takes care of that for me. I am looking forward to the next time I need a sitter now!!!  G Family, Richmond, VA

Photo credit: Greer A. Meagher