We were once again delighted by the services provided by Capital City Child Care. No more stress over having a sitter available. Emme arrived on time and my daughter felt quickly at ease and she she did a wonderful job. Upon our return home Emme had evening notes including their activities, homework time, meal time and bed time. We would be happy to have Emme back again soon.
— W Family, Richmond, VA
Thank you for such a quality and dependable service. We were able to enjoy our reunion events and the kids absolutely loved Alli. She did a great job. Thanks again for offering your service to us and best of luck in the future.
— S Family, Bradenton, FL
She (Allie) was very good with them and they enjoyed having her here.  They played games and told jokes.  We would like to have her come again.
—  G Family, Manakin Sabot, VA
Capital City Childcare is a life saver! My chore of finding a babysitter when you need one is over because now a sitter is a couple of clicks away!

I had my first experience with using CCC last week. The day before my appointment I received a profile of the sitter with very detailed explanations of her experience and a picture! The next night she arrived on time and immediately started interacting with the kids. They were asking her questions and telling her the bedtime rules before I could get a word in. She took everything with stride and the kids were instantly won over. 

I had a brief discussion with her about where I was going and what time the kids needed to go to bed, we exchanged numbers and I was out the door!

When I got home the house was so clean! It was like the 3 kids were not even there and even better than that all three were sound asleep!

I signed the time log and she was on her way. I didn’t even have to have cash to figure out what to pay because CCC takes care of that for me. I am looking forward to the next time I need a sitter now!!!
— G family, Richmond, VA
Cleopatra was on time, friendly and did a nice job taking care of Gabby on Monday. When Gabby was awake the next day I asked her opinion and she said she was nice as well. I would give her a very good to excellent score overall.
— W Family, Richmond, VA
The owners work hard to run a childcare business with each family’s personal needs in mind. You won’t regret using this service.
— P Family, Glen Allen, VA
Gabby liked Allie and we would have her back in a heartbeat.  She was on time and it was easy to have a credit card on file so I didn’t have to worry about paying her when we got home.  She was good and we would like to book her again!  
— W Family, Richmond, VA
Emme was fabulous!  She arrived a few minutes early so we could go over the evening and then we were able to go without worry!  When we returned home she gave us a record of what they did that night, I signed her time sheet, and I was done.  The girls LOVED her and said they had a blast.  We will be requesting her again!
— G Family, Richmond, VA